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Archer’s Goon by Diana Wynne Jones

Howard and his little sister, Awful, came home one day after school to find a gigantic guy with long arms and legs sitting in the kitchen. Fifi, a student who lived with Howard’s family, called him the Goon.

The Goon said he’s there to collect two thousand words from Quentin Sykes, Howard’s writer father. He also claimed that Archer sent him to collect the words. And nobody knew who Archer was.

The Goon seemed stupid and naive but he still insists that he would not leave the house without the words for Archer. Later, the family found out that Quentin had been writing a story with two thousand words every 3 months and had been sending them to Mr. Mountjoy. It’s like a way for him to overcome writer’s block, which he suffered terribly 13 years ago.

The Sykes family also learns that the town they live in is really run by bizarre people. The bizarre people are siblings and there are 7 of them. Each sibling is in charge of different areas such as law, music, education, technology, etc. Unfortunately, all of them seemed to be feuding with one another and some of them are also planning to farm the world! They are also wondering who really gets Quentin’s two thousand words all those 13 years.

Well, Archer’s Goon is an entertaining book. I find the Goon idiotic and funny. He’s also in love with Fifi who does not love him back. Awful, the screaming little sister of Howard’s, got her name simply because she’s so awful. I feel it’s kind of mean to nickname a kid Awful but this is just a story, so it makes things fun and light!

All in all, Archer’s Goon is a perfectly enjoyable read. There are also lots of surprises in store for the reader! And I guessed one of it correctly. =D

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  1. from the synopsis alone, that is sure a good read..

    By the way, congrats for this new site :)

  2. Yup, it is a good book! I laughed a number of times while reading it.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting!


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