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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King
Publisher: Scribner | 1999 | 224 pages
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Trisha McFarland is nine years old. She tries to be cheerful all the time although her family is having problems. However, in her heart, she wished that they would stop hurting one another.

Her parents are divorced. Larry, her father drinks too much beer. Trisha and her father have something in common – both of them are ardent fans of a baseball player, Tom Gordon, who plays for the Red Sox. Quilla, Trisha’s mother, who won custody of her children, never gets tired of taking her two kids out on weekend outings. Pete, Trisha’s older brother, misses his old school at the town where they lived before the divorce.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon starts when Trisha, her mom, and Pete are out hiking. Trisha’s mom and Pete argue about Pete’s pinings to return to his old school and computer club. They were so caught up in their quarrel that they did not realise Trisha had disappeared for a while to pee. Well, Trisha thought she would catch up with them as long as she could hear their voices. But, she had left the path and was unable to find her mother and brother or anyone else. She strayed deeper into the woods, hoping to find a way out.

I find this book less thrilling than Firestarter, another splendid novel by Stephen King. But still, this is a story of the determination and optimism of a little girl who lost her way in the woods.

Book read in 2004.

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  1. Must be an interesting read. Quite inspiration for those people in depressed situation…
    thanx for the review, Jo… :)

  2. It is interesting but some parts were boring. I read this book a few years ago.


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