Reading a real book or from a screen?

Thanks to technology, now we can read our favourite books or classics from the computer. All we need to do is download and save the file and when we want to read it, we just switch on the computer and read it! With such e-books, we can keep as many e-books as we want in our computers or PDAs(I think) without taking up too much space in the house. Oh yes, e-books do help keep the house less cluttered.

But, for me, I don’t really like e-books. I prefer to hold the real book in my hands when I’m reading. Wouldn’t it be strainful to the eyes if we kept staring at the screen for hours? It can be tiring just staring and reading real books for a long time.

I don’t mind if there are many books at home. I don’t mind if they take up too much space. I’ll just have to find more space for them then! With a real book, I can relax on the couch to read it. I can’t curl up if I were to read from a computer.

Take your pick. The e-book or the real book?

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide – Very Ultimate!

Yesterday, while browsing through the bookshelves of Borders bookstore, I came upon a very interesting book, which caught my eye. Well, I simply plucked it out like I always did with most books. Wow, when I opened it, I was mesmerized. I love the book!

It’s called The Ultimate Teen Book Guide, edited by Daniel Hahn, Leonie Flynn, and Susan Reuben. It has 448 pages filled with cool book reviews. Then, there are different categories of books, too, so the reader can find his/her way around the book easily. It’s priced at a hefty RM85.95. I might buy it later when I have extra cash or when I strike the lottery.

This book is a guide for those blur teens who don’t know what to read next or don’t know which book to read. How would you know if it’s an interesting book or not? What’s the story about? Well, the book has reviews of over 700 cool books. And some of the reviewers include Meg Cabot, Jean Ure, Melvin Burgess, Anthony Horowitz and many more! Now, you know what your favourite authors love to read!

The BookFair’s Been Extended!

Good news for everybody! Or for people who simply love to buy books… =)

If you still don’t know, then now you’ll know that the Popular Mega Bookfair will be extended to 02 September 2007! It is deemed the largest bookfair in the Northern Region.

I totally forgot about this fair last week! Can you believe it? I blogged all about it the week before last and I did not even remember that it’s even happening. Oh, I’m such a forgetful person.

However, now I remember. Yes! And I hope that I’ll be able to join in the fun in buying books at discounted prices until the 2nd of September. Oh, it’s held at Midlands Park Shopping Centre. Hmm, it’s not extended at Megamal Pinang, I guess.

Simply Irresponsible

In the university library, there are computers available for students to use to search for books. There aren’t many but there are enough, I think. They should only be used for searching books in the library anyway, so going online to send and check e-mail with them is totally out of the question. There’s the Internet room anyway but it’s usually full, too.

However, what do students care? Somehow, they managed to log on to and other websites with the library search computer. No wonder I see some students sit so comfortably in front of it. When I want to search for books and I want to use a computer, I get frustrated when the computers that are available are not working! I move the mouse and click, click on the screen but nothing happens. The page is totally stagnant. Somebody must have caused the computer to hang. Then, when I check on what the other computer users are doing, they don’t look like they’re searching for books. Some are chatting with their friends or doing something else, don’t know what.

There was even a girl who sat with her legs crossed or folded or whatever on the chair! She’s getting really comfortable lah. Is it going to take her that long to search for a book or two? What about other students who want to use the computer, too?

You know, they should limit one person to a computer for only 10 minutes. Yes, TEN! SEPULUH! It’s enough for a student to search for a book or two right? If they can’t find the book, they can always come back to the computer and search again. A student can only borrow 4 books at a time anyway. I don’t think they need more than ten minutes to search.