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Holes by Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats has always been unlucky in life, that is, he’s always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, many Yelnats have had the same fate like him. It’s as though they’ve been cursed, which might just be true.

There are some flashback parts in this book that will explain why some things happen now. In one flashback, there’s the story of Stanley’s great-great-grandfather, Elya Yelnats who broke his promise to a Madam Zeroni, a gypsy, as she gave him advice on what he could do so that he can win the beautiful Myra’s hand in marriage.

Then, there’s the famous outlaw, Kissin’ Kate Barlow who kisses the men she killed. Hey, her history in this book is really interesting! She couldn’t be with the guy she loved and somehow ended up being on the most wanted list.

Anyway, back to the present. Stanley was caught for stealing a pair of sneakers belonging to a famous baseball player, Clyde “Sweet Feet” Livingston. He claimed that the shoes fell from the sky but of course, no one believed him. He was then sent to Camp Green Lake where there’s no lake and nothing was green.

At the camp, all the boys there were supposed to dig a hole a day. If they found anything interesting, they were to show it to the counselors there. It seems that digging holes everyday will build up the boys’ characters who were sent there because they did something wrong in the first place.

Stanley meets his campmates and soon gains their respect. They call him ‘Caveman’. The other boys have weird nicknames too like Zigzag, Armpit, Magnet, X-Ray, Squid, and Zero. Zero is the quietest and also the fastest hole-digger. Later on, Stanley and Zero become friends and they strike a deal with each other.

It’s quite an interesting book and like most books I like, easy to read. The perfect book to read when you’re feeling sick or down. I read this a few days ago when I was down with the flu. It helped to pass the time well.

In short, Holes is a downright entertaining book with moral values, too, that is try not to break the promises that you made or you’ll suffer the consequences like Elya Yelnats! Furthermore, you will chuckle each time Mr. Sir says, ‘This isn’t a Girl Scout Camp.’ And oh yeah, there’s the 2003 Disney movie, Holes, which is based on this book. The movie is just as entertaining, too. Enjoy!

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  1. Haven’t read the book, but have watch the movie, I am not sure you could compare the movie to the book, but no provocative elements are to be found in the film, you could say the film was meant for kids.

  2. Stopping in to see what you are reading! :)

  3. I trust your judgment. Books you reviewed here in your blog I know are very interesting reads. If I can find the same title here in our local bookstore, I might buy…

  4. i love this book

  5. mcass: In the movie, Stanley is a thin boy whereas in the book, he’s considered fat! I wonder why they didn’t follow the book.

    J. Kaye: Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

    Dodong Flores: Hope you are able to find the titles you are looking for! Thanks.

    Aliyah: Hi, I love this book, too. =)

  6. Hi, Jo. I wonder why you didn’t have book reviews lately :D

  7. Hi Dodong, thanks for your interest. I’ve been busy revising for my exams lately, that’s why there are few new posts!

  8. Oh, I see. That explains… :)


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