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Astro Socks by Leigh M. Le Creux

Astro Socks is a brilliantly written book about a young boy who wants to make a pair of socks for his baby sister. Chris is 10 years old and his younger sister is Rachel. One of Rachel’s socks can’t seem to stay on her feet for long. When she’s in her Jolly Jumper and she kicks hard, a sock will fall off. That’s why Chris is determined to find out how to make the perfect pair of socks for her.

Chris is smart as well as inquisitive. He likes to find out how things worked and his parents are proud to have a son like him. They are caring, considerate, and they encourage him to not give up on things easily. Oh, Chris would like to be an inventor one day too.

So, Chris starts his research on how to make socks that’ll stay put on his sister’s feet. He looks up for information on the Internet and finally sends a simple e-mail to a company that makes space suits for astronauts. Little did he know that that e-mail will help make his dream come true, that is becoming an inventor.

This book would be a very good read for children. I like the cover (simple and light) and there are also some cute drawings scattered throughout the book. The drawings were drawn by Leigh’s son and his classmates! This makes the book quite different from the others.

With the book’s simple language, I believe it could help children with their language and vocabulary. Children and adults alike would certainly enjoy reading about Chris and how he tries to solve the sock problem, as Chris appears to be an average and likeable kid. The sock crisis is a new one too. I was eager to find out Chris’ solution to the problem.

Astro Socks is Leigh Le Creux’s first novel. She’s working on her second one too, so open up your eyes and ears for more news!

***I’d like to thank Leigh M. Le Creux for sending me a copy of this book to review!

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  1. This is meaningful read for kids. The world needs more of this type of books, especially with the challenges faced by parents raising kids as future leaders. Good guidance, and honesty is always the best policy.

  2. Hashim: What you said is true, providing guidance and support for kids from their parents is definitely very important in order to ensure that the kids may grow up independent and confident.

    I like this book because it can motivate the child to keep believing in his/her dreams.

  3. This is a terrific book…very cute. I recommend it.

  4. Kelly: Hi there, I agree with you. This book is great for kids!


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