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Yeah! I received two books yesterday. They are ‘Friday’s Child’ and ‘Black Sheep’ and both were written by Georgette Heyer. Before this, I had no idea who Georgette Heyer was. When I was asked if I’d like to review the books, I did a search on her first before saying yes. Heyer wrote historical novels and romance books, so I’m sure many of you may be interested. Look at how popular books by Danielle Steel and Julia Quinn and other romance authors are. Anyway, I wonder if there are any Malaysians who have read Heyer’s books before. Please comment if you do. I’d like to hear your opinions.

Now, I’m reading An Amazing Story by Carlo Gabbi. I’ve been meaning to read this book a long time ago but it’s a pity that I had to read for my exams instead! It sounds like a really mesmerizing book and I just couldn’t wait to get started on reading. I started reading this afternoon and have only finished 4 chapters. Well, I took multiple naps and played with my nephew too. That’s why I was slow in reading today!

Two days ago, I finished reading ‘Down to a Sunless Sea’ by Mathias B. Freese. Sadly, I couldn’t understand some of the stories in the book. It is a collection of 15 stories and they are interesting stories, mind you. I was confused and blur while reading some, so I had to read them again. Reading some stories twice and three times did help me understand them better. If you want to read my review of this book, go here!

I thought I’d change my BooksLoveMe.com theme. Not that I’m getting bored with the current one but I can’t manage the widgets anymore. They refuse to work normally and that’s why I can’t add new HTML codes in my sidebar. I’ve spent a few hours this afternoon looking through the WordPress themes available but did not find any nice ones that I like. Hmmm…maybe I’ll still stick with the current theme but I’ll disable the widgets function. We’ll see how it goes.

Down To A Sunless Sea by Mathias B. Freese

Down To A Sunless Sea by Mathias B. Freese
Publisher: Wheatmark | 2007 | 134 pages
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In my honest opinion, I found Down to a Sunless Sea quite a difficult read. There are 15 short stories in here and I could not understand all of them. I had to read some of them a couple of times to understand them better. In a way, the stories make you think and form your own opinions about the characters and the endings. Some stories don’t have a clear ending, hence making you guess it.

Mathias B. Freese brings you into the minds of troubled individuals. For example, in ‘I’ll Make It, I Think’, the narrator describes himself as normal-looking at some parts of his body while some aren’t so normal. He says that girls wouldn’t date him because they wouldn’t hold a deformed hand like his. So even though he’s different from the rest, he is still human and has normal human feelings.

In the story ‘Herbie’, Herbie aspires to start a kind of shoeshine business with his friend. His father also polishes shoes for a living and Herbie wants to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, despite his son looking up to him, Herbie’s father is not very happy of his son’s idea.

I like the story ‘Alabaster’. It is about an encounter of a 9-year-old boy with an old Polish woman who had survived the Holocaust. She showed him her numbered hand but it’s not clear if the boy understood what it all meant. It’s a simple story but a truly poignant one about a small boy spending time with a lonely old lady by listening to her talk.

All the same, ‘Little Errands’ is exceptionally interesting. The person telling the story is kind of restless. He has mailed his letters but he kept worrying whether he had remembered to put stamps on them or whether the mailman collected them or not. Sometimes, I am like that too. It may just be a little chore but it’s so simple that we feel like we did not do it right. Like something went wrong somewhere and we are not sure about it, that’s why we worry and keep thinking about it!

Have you ever answered back at your teacher probably because you don’t like her or feel that she’s not teaching the right thing? That’s what Nicholas did in ‘Nicholas’. This short story was probably written by the character Nicholas himself since there are spelling and punctuation errors. It seems that he’s not good in English and he receives neither respect nor attention unlike another kid from Iran whose English isn’t that good either.

Most of the short stories are about children and young adults and about how they feel towards themselves as well as their surroundings. Like what I had mentioned earlier, this book gets you thinking and asking questions. That’s how it is with me. What about you?

***Also, I’d like to thank Mathias Freese for sending me a copy of this book for review.

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Changing Reading Habits?

Do your reading habits change in the Spring? Do you read gardening books? Even if you don’t have a garden? More light fiction than during the Winter? Less? Travel books? Light paperbacks you can stick in a knapsack?

Or do you pretty much read the same kinds of things in the Spring as you do the rest of the year?

First of all, in Malaysia, it’s rain and sun all year round! Anyway, I don’t think I’d like to read gardening books. They are not my thing.

I don’t read books according to season or festivity. If I feel like reading a classic in January, then it’s classic. If it’s fantasy in May, then it’s fantasy. If I don’t feel like reading anything now, then it’s nothing! Hehe…

However, I’ve always imagined reading a nice book on a rainy day. Last time when I was around 12, I would save my new R.L. Stine books for a rainy day or night. I thought it’d be fun to read something scary then. Now I wouldn’t dream of reading scary stories alone at night! No way. Things have changed and I’m not going scare myself for no reason at all. :)

Can You View This Blog On Firefox?

Great. A new problem has just popped up. I really like the new layout of this blog. The colours are fantastic. Everything is spick and span. But, until now I’ve only seen it through Internet Explorer 7.

It seems that some bloggers couldn’t comment on this blog because maybe they couldn’t find the Comments link! Maybe they were using Mozilla Firefox. I’ve just tried to view my blog through Firefox and…the page did not load completely. There was no purple background. The background was white. And since the links are also white, well, they were totally invisible! No wonder visitors couldn’t find the Comments link.

And I’m not sure if the template designer is still offering help or not, he seemed to have stated quite clearly on his blog that he might not provide any help with his templates. Instead, he offered some links that we can go to.

The only thing I can do now is change the colour of the links. So I’ve changed them from white to black, so all the links will appear on Firefox should the background still appears white.

I will leave it as it is for now. Please inform me if there’s anything else that’s wrong! Thanks!