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Mo’ Dirty: Still Stuntin’ by Darrell King

Peter ‘Whiskey’ Battle or just Whiskey, as called by friends and family, makes his money by being a hired killer. For a large sum of money, he can easily wipe out anyone from the face of the earth without leaving any obvious traces to lead back to him. Yeah, he’s that good.

His friends consist of rich dudes who earn money in ‘unusual’ ways, just like him. His close friend, David Ambrosia, is in the music industry and is doing what he can to make his fiancée, Godiva, a singing superstar. He’s also connected to drug dealers and such. Then, there’s Whiskey’s father, Snookey and his younger brother, Alonzo. Snookey’s stuck in jail but can still run operations from in there. Alonzo frequently lands himself into trouble of some kind.

Whiskey is also protective of his older sister, Tasha, and her kids. She took care of him and Alonzo since they were young when their mother was too busy doing drugs or going after men. Therefore, Whiskey and his family are tough characters who have been through a lot. In fact, most of the characters in this book are tough people.

Anyway, Whiskey’s biggest job is to murder a Police Chief, Mickey O’Malley, who’s determined to eradicate drug trafficking and other drug-related crimes. Whiskey and his cronies find this worrisome because they’ll be losing a lot of money if O’Malley is successful. Therefore, lots of them want to see O’Malley dead and gone.

Mo’ Dirty is definitely different from all others that I’ve read in my life. Initially, I wasn’t used to the street language being used but as I kept reading, I got the hang of it. I wanted to stop reading halfway because I got kind of bored with it but continued because I’m curious to know if O’Malley will be killed or not!

The main characters are all bad-a$$ guys who are impossibly rich and treat women like objects but they’re undeniably loyal. Those who snitched on others to the cops will obviously be murdered. People who don’t keep their promises will likely get their ‘punishment’ too.

I’m guessing that there’s a second book after this one as the story wasn’t quite finished. There’s a “To Be Continued…” on the last page. For those who’d like to read from the bad guys’ point of view, then you can try reading this book. It’s certainly been an extraordinary reading experience.

***Thanks to Tracee Gleichner from Pump Up Your Book Promotion for sending me this book.

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  1. I too read it a while back. I wouln’t say I like it but as you say the street smart generation would love it..

    My review:

  2. gautami tripathy: :) Yeah, perhaps they’ll like it better than we did! Thanks for the link to your review – I’ve already added it to my list of other reviews. Will you be reading anymore of King’s books, by the way?


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