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Della Says: OMG! by Keris Stainton

Della has been in love with Dan Bailey ever since he lent her his brand new crayons on their first day in primary school. That was 11 years ago and it was the only interaction they ever had.

She knows that she must muster up the courage to at least have a real conversation with him at a party thrown for her elder sister, who is going away to California to work for the summer. All dressed up and with the encouragement of her best friend, Maddy, Della hits it off with Dan who then asks her out on a date.

Now that Dan is finally taking notice of her, Della feels utter blissfulness. However, she discovers that her diary is missing and she can’t figure out who took it. What’s worse, all her innermost secrets and thoughts are in that diary.

To add to her shock and embarrassment, someone sends entries from her diary to her, Maddy, Dan and even her parents! Now who would do such a thing to her?

Even the title, Della Says: OMG! is totally catchy and I’m glad to have won it from a book giveaway held at Good Golly Miss Holly last year. It was a breeze reading the book. It was as if the conversations were uttered right in front of me. One of my favourite lines is by Dan who told Della this:

‘Not exactly dancing. You walk like there’s music in your head.’

I don’t know if it’s the right line to use to a girl but it worked for Della.

Apart from Della exploring her new relationship with Dan, I was also interested in the tricky love triangle situation in which Maddy is involved. Maddy already has a boyfriend but she is attracted to his best friend.

A debut novel by Keris Stainton, it reminds me of the girly adventures in the books by Jean Ure. Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining, light and fun read, perfect for teens and adults who still smile when they think of their first crush.

Keris also has a new book coming out in July, Jessie ♥ NYC.

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  1. OMG!! i tottally loved this book!! it was so cool!!!! i cant believe maddy was GAY! like wtf!! anyways, i loved it and it helped me with relationship problems with my own bf!! thanks so much “della says OMG” love from Tiff! :)


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