In the village of Cibblesham, April Dean is regarded as the village idiot, just because she is deaf and dumb. Even though she is already in her teens, she cannot read or write. Her father died when she was young and she only has her mother to care for her.

April’s life in the village changes one summer with the arrival of higher class folk Barbara and her son, Tony. Barbara’s husband has dropped them from his life without warning and left them with almost nothing to live by. Tony, ashamed with this new way of life, is initially angry at his mother and blames her for causing their father to leave them.

He gets even more angry and sullen as April keeps popping into their lives. His mother feels relieved however and is really thankful with the help April and her mother were extending. She treats April almost like her own daughter and teaches her ladylike manners.

No matter how he thinks he hates her, Tony feels that April is the only thing alive in the village, which is always full of gossip. Before long, he finds himself falling for her but at the same time embarrassed by her disabilities.

Loving April deals with important issues such as mistreatment towards the disabled. April is an example of an unfortunate individual who has to suffer for her condition, which she never asked for. She is misunderstood and looked down on just because she is different.

As for Tony, he definitely has a lot on his plate. He has to deal with the fact that his father deserted them, discovering the hidden side of his resourceful mother, falling in love with a deaf girl and adjusting to the life of a commoner. All Tony wants is his old life back. But he asks himself, is that what he really wants?

The story is an unforgettable one and I felt deeply for the characters. You can’t help feeling protective towards April or wanting to yell at Tony to stop being so self-centred. Also, you just gotta dislike the village gossip, Mr Riley. Definitely a thought-provoking book worth reading.

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